About Us

LandZen is committed to creating a world where long term, sustainable, nature-based products are an effective and essential part of people’s health and well-being.






LandZen’s mission is to provide the highest-quality hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products to our communities. Our aim is to create highly effective CBD products using sustainable and organic practices from soil to oil. We are dedicated to cultivating a culture of wellness by unlocking the healing powers of nature through our trusted CBD products.

LandZen Farm

LandZen is a family owned hemp farm, rooted in love and community on the Western Slope of Colorado, in the fertile North Fork Valley. LandZen was created from a place of unity,

when siblings Emma and Brad reconnected and quickly shared a strong bond and vision of creating and cultivating something special together. LandZen Farm came to life with the intention of producing high quality, effective CBD products by utilizing and unlocking the healing powers of nature.
Our products are produced from hemp using organic, sustainable practices, in the rich and fruitful agricultural valley in Hotchkiss, Colorado. During each step of the process, from seed to CBD oil, complete care is taken to ensure the most organic and clean processes are utilized.

Our methods

Our methods lead to a high quality product that you can trust and use with confidence, knowing your products come from LandZen Farm, directly from our hands and hearts to you.
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